Vladimir Putin
Jan 2019

What jurisdiction would they have to intrude?

The new British Empire?

Dec 2018

Mach 5? Yikes.


“Of this there should no doubt.”

Disturbing signs of the times

Russia and the “deep fake” videos

Jazz Shaw Dec 09, 2018 9:31 AM

Deep fakes and hot takes

Nov 2018
Oct 2018

Let’s slow our roll a little here, shall we?

Sep 2018

“the job was ordered at the highest level.”

“…the two Russians had cyber tools for sabotaging the laboratory.”

“It’s one of the oldest working clocks in the world.”

Kids these days

A “stunning escalation in Russian aggression”?

“This was not a rogue operation.”

Aug 2018

“Help the state, die before your pension.”

Sure. That sounds just, er… great


Trade embargo?

Jul 2018

Marist poll: Engage — but get tougher.

“This is not a conspiracy from the White House.”

From reset buttons to Red Scares, and vice versa.

Germany is suddenly making nice with Turkey. Why?

Jazz Shaw Jul 23, 2018 8:01 AM

Shifting alliances

“…detectives are looking at the possibility that Ms Sturgess tested the spray on her face and hands, believing it to be perfume.”

“…as the leader of a country you would have to hold him responsible, yes.”

Mission accomplished?

Too much time on their hands

Can Congress subpoena Trump’s interpreter?

Jazz Shaw Jul 18, 2018 8:01 AM

Probably, but should they?

Short-term emoting over long-range thinking.

Mooch to Trump: Time to hit reverse, pal

Ed Morrissey Jul 17, 2018 8:41 AM

“He’s looking at the situation as a contrarian.”

A blackmail bridge too far

“Mr. President, you’re indicating that they stole real money not counterfeit money.”

Brennan: “Nothing short of treasonous.”