The Ed Morrissey Show

The Ed Morrissey Show (#TEMS on Twitter) has now transformed into a new podcast show! Download it from Spotify, Apple Podcasts, The Ed Morrissey Show YouTube channel, and on Rumble and our own in-house portal below! It’s cool chat and hot politics with newsmakers and pulsetakers. RedState’s Andrew Malcolm, the Prince of Twitter, and Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson are regular co-hosts, plus we have great guests on each show.

We will launch new episodes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 ET on Facebook Live on HotAir’s Facebook page. We’ll have great conversations on Facebook and in our traditional Cranky T. Rex-moderated traditional #TEMS chat room — the interactive feature for viewers to participate in the show outside of Facebook. Be sure to get there early!

Be sure to bookmark, favorite, and upvote #TEMS wherever you access it! Today’s episode includes:

  •  It’s been two weeks since the midterm election — and we still don’t have results in all of the House elections. Andrew Malcolm and I discuss those failures as well as more of Joe Biden’s.
  • We also preview the upcoming primary fight between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and wonder whether other candidates will leave it at that. Or do we get 17 people on stage again in 2023’s debates?
  • Plus, we also wonder whether America is in another Age of Presidential Mediocrities in the post-Cold War era.




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