Howard Dean
Nov 2017

“An incredibly stupid thing to say and deeply discredits the organization…”

Sep 2017

And it’s a Democrat

Aug 2017

“If only, Democrats say, there was some person under 55 who had any profile.”

“Trump loves to have a convenient whipping person, and that would be … Obama.”

Jun 2017

“Let’s not be PC about this.”

May 2017

Dad Language and real threats.

Apr 2017

“The right loves to be able to say anything they like no matter how offensive it is.”

Mar 2017

Dean: No room in Democratic party for pro-life voters

Ed Morrissey Mar 08, 2017 8:41 AM

“We are never going back to maybe making compromises on abortion.”

Feb 2017
Dec 2016

“Bernie Sanders has absolutely no business determining the course of the Democratic Party after the harm he did to us.”

“I’m in the process of deciding this issue of whether I can perform both roles.”

“…if we weren’t really careful this would be a Hillary versus Bernie proxy fight.”

Nov 2016

“They’re so disheartened, so down and so tired and discouraged.”

Dems in disarray

Larry O'Connor Nov 11, 2016 8:41 AM


A man for the times

Sep 2016

“I don’t think using innuendo is a good thing”

When Trump goes low, Hillary goes lower.

Aug 2016

Reduced to barking and chastising and obfuscating.

Feb 2016

The truth will set you free, Governor Dean

Dec 2015

O’Malley: Sanders doesn’t really want more debates.

Aug 2015

“Your partisan whatever is oozing … It’s just very awkward on the set.”

Jun 2015

Laff riot.

Apr 2015

Yeah. Howard Dean.

Mar 2015

Howard Dean: Hillary story is “bupkis”

Ed Morrissey Mar 10, 2015 2:01 PM

“The reason it will never stop is because they keep doing it.”

Feb 2015

“Are you serious?”

Jan 2015

Video: American Sniper is worth seeing, says …

Ed Morrissey Jan 31, 2015 5:31 PM

“A complex, emotional depiction of a veteran and his family.”


Nov 2014

Arrogance, contempt, and the Grubes.

May 2014
Oct 2013

“That’s the problem in government today. People are not held to account.”

Sep 2013

Video: “You sound just like Paul Wolfowitz!”

Ed Morrissey Sep 05, 2013 10:01 AM



Aug 2013

Yeargh! Howard Dean ponders 2016 bid?

Ed Morrissey Aug 21, 2013 12:41 PM

Don’t laugh.

Jun 2013

Good news: Howard Dean not ruling out a presidential run

Mary Katharine Ham Jun 21, 2013 12:31 PM

Battle cry.

Nov 2012
Jun 2012

“I actually thought it was a good week for the Democrats.”

“Tons and tons of money.”

Apr 2012
Mar 2012

Real Men of Democratic Genius.

Jun 2011

Howard Dean: Palin could beat Obama in 2012

Tina Korbe Jun 05, 2011 6:00 PM

Thanks, Howard. We know how much you care.