Howard Dean screams 'What more do you want?' defending Hillary's email lies

One of the most wonderful things to observe this election season has been the spectacle of Hillary Clinton surrogates contorting themselves into unrecognizable humanoid form to explain away Hillary Clinton’s blatant lies to the American people over her email scheme.


Monday’s victim of Clinton’s false insistence that she had been completely truthful was none other than former Vermont Governor Howard Dean. During an awkward appearance on MSNBC Dean came dangerously close to repeating his trademark scream from the 2004 campaign as he attempted to bully anchor Kate Snow by repeating and aggressively barking “what more do you want?” at her:

SNOW: “Governor, Donald Trump zeroing in on the use of that term Friday when she said ‘short-circuited.’ Why is she struggling to answer these questions about her e-mail?”

DEAN: “She’s — I don’t think she is struggling. She’s answered them 9,000 times. Look, what you have is an organized hit group led by Rudy Giuliani and Donald camp couldn’t resist getting into this who want to change the subject.”

SNOW: “It hasn’t just been a simple answer, with all due respect. It hasn’t just been a simple –”

DEAN: “Of course, it’s not a simple answer. How can it be a simple answer? It’s an incredibly complicated problem. What more do you want? The director of the FBI said she was truthful and there were no classified e-mails. What more do you want?”


Of course, the obvious follow-up that never happened is “Gov. Dean, the question is was Secretary Clinton truthful to the American people? When you ask ‘what more do we want?’ the answer is that we want nothing more than for you and Sec. Clinton to acknowledge that she lied to the American people over the past year and a half about her email scheme and was only finally truthful when she was interviewed by the FBI.

Don’t forget, Rep. Trey Gowdy laid out very clearly the lies Sec. Clinton told to the American people and those lies were verified by Clinton’s chief character witness: FBI Director Comey:

But the Howard Deans of the world are reduced to barking and chastising and obfuscating to avoid facing the obvious reality that Hillary Clinton is a lying liar who lies.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Here’s Clinton’s own running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) forced to dodge the same, direct question this past Sunday from Chuck Todd on Meet the Press:

Remember, Todd’s direct question was: “Can you conclude here whether or not Secretary Clinton lied to the American public about sending and receiving classified email?”


Did Kaine answer that question? No, Sen. Kaine did not answer that question.

Isn’t this fun?

Now, will the mainstream media catch on?  Will anyone out there recognize that none of Hillary Clinton’s surrogates have been able to answer the very basic question: “Was Hillary Clinton truthful to the American people?”  And will the media continue asking this question until they get an answer? Or will they allow the Howard Deans of the world to bully them off it?

Howard Dean

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