Bad news from Howard Dean: Wisconsin was a win for the left or something

Via WaPo, what strange Orwellian urge compels guys like this to try to make a meal out of a shinola sandwich? Literally nobody believes him. Jon Stewart turned MSNBC into a punchline for the depth of their denial after the Wisconsin results and Dean-o’s even further gone than they are. You know what he thinks the big victory was last Tuesday? Supposedly, it’s the fact that Democrats took back the state senate by defeating a Republican incumbent in a recall election. Left unmentioned here: (1) Three other Republican incumbent senators won their recall fights, (2) thanks to redistricting, the GOP’s likely to regain the majority in November, and (3) er, the new Democratic-controlled state senate isn’t scheduled to meet again until 2013, when it’ll almost certainly be a Republican-controlled senate once again. (Ed covered all of that a few days ago.) How does it help his side to omit those details and encourage complacency instead of treating the Walker victory as a Democratic disaster and a five-alarm fire for November? Good lord.

Oh, he’s also pretty sure that President Romney and a Republican Congress will be even worse for deficits than Obama is, even though the left’s spent three years now screaming that the GOP can’t be trusted with power because they’ll slash government spending to ribbons. (“Draconian!”) So, aces all around here.

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