Why we all need to support Howard Dean as the new DNC chair

The Democratic National Committee, still in the process of licking their wounds from Tuesday’s shellacking, is currently operating under the leadership of an interim chairperson. Soon they will need to select someone for the position on a more official basis. Stepping up to volunteer his services during this tumultuous period is none other than former governor, presidential candidate and previous chairman, Howard Dean. Yes… that Howard Dean. (The Hill)

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean on Thursday announced he will be run (sic) for Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman.

“The dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again,” Dean tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Dean served as DNC chair from 2005 to 2009, overseeing huge gains for Democrats in Congress and Barack Obama’s first presidential election.

You might be tempted to think that the title of this piece is sarcastic, but I’m completely serious. Having Howard Dean return to a leadership post at the top of the DNC would probably be just about the best thing conservatives could hope for over the next four years. The reason for this can be found in the person of the woman who held the position up until the Democrats’ convention this summer. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was, if anything, a significant contributing factor in the losses the Democrats’ suffered. Her antics were legendary among Republican circles. She was on television constantly, saying the craziest things you could imagine, frequently to the point where even the most liberal media mavens were left with blank stares on their faces. Her abject denial of reality throughout all of Hillary Clinton’s scandals robbed the party of much of the credibility they needed in a presidential election season.

Enter Howard Dean. Even during a time when he’s held no official, high level position in the party (he currently lists his occupation as a consultant and commentator), the man is on television constantly and we can expect that he would continue this pattern as chairman. His entertainment value and ability to further damage the party brand should be beyond question. And we don’t even need to bring up the now famous “Dean Scream” for subject material here.

Remember that this is the same guy who went on national TV and claimed that Donald Trump is a coke addict. And then doubled down on it after being challenged. His penchant for screaming carried over long after his own failed presidential bid. While attempting to defend Hillary Clinton this year he began yelling at a reporter, “What more do you want!?” when he was pressed about her email server. That precious moment was enshrined on video.

Dean is also famous for being unable to stay on message when carrying the Democrats’ platform to the press. You may recall when he famously suggested that America should probably walk away from the Iran deal just as Barack Obama and John Kerry were pushing it the hardest. And even when he does manage to say on message, he tends to go overboard in the other direction, acting as if he lives in some sort of fantasy world. Remember when he proclaimed that the terrorists probably aren’t even Muslims?

Dean becomes unhinged at the drop of a hat and his utter hatred and contempt for Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general should keep him at the boiling point constantly over the next two years of completely GOP controlled governance. Much as we saw with Wasserman-Schultz, this can only be good news for conservatives.

Let’s also remember that the credentials most people are citing as his chief qualifications are rather suspect at best. He’s “credited” with being instrumental in the significant gains that the Democrats made in 2006 and 2008. But think about the period in question. The country was already weary of war (having no idea how much further we had to go) and blaming Bush for it in 2006. By the time the 2008 elections rolled around the economy had collapsed. The job of DNC chair at that time could have been done by an arthritic poodle if it could just manage to stay out of the way and let the GOP implode.

Now let’s consider what our alternatives are if it doesn’t wind up being Dean. The person we don’t want is the one currently holding the interim chairmanship. Yes, Donna Brazile has been exposed as a cheating liar by multiple Wikileaks revelations and might be seen as too damaged to keep the job, but don’t allow that to pacify you into thinking she’s no longer dangerous. She has a ton of friends in both the DNC and the media. I spoke on background a few weeks ago with one reporter who was still in shock over the the revelations that Brazile had cheated during the primary debates. Rather than being furious or indignant, this journalist said that they were “heartbroken.” Donna Brazile has some magic about her and even if she’s not the Chairwoman I wouldn’t expect her to disappear any time soon.

Brazile has an uncanny ability to handle the most difficult situations for the Democrats with a nearly unshakable air of calm and confidence. You could point out to her that her hair was on fire during an interview and she’d chuckle with that disarming smile of hers and the composure of a friendly mom taking a fresh tray of cookies out of the oven as she told you not to worry. It’s just a new hairstyle she’s trying.

Given a choice between Donna Brazile and Howard Dean it’s not even a close call. We want Dean on television every day for the next two or four years with his head exploding and a fountain of easily refutable nonsense spouting out of his mouth.