Lock him up! Campaign Carl takes aim at Tucker, suggests jail or "something worse"

Lock him up! Campaign Carl takes aim at Tucker, suggests jail or "something worse"
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The long knives are out for Fox News Channel and also Rupert Murdoch and his family. Again. The cable news network with the highest ratings regularly comes under attack by those who work for other networks and their guests. Something odd is going on lately, though. Two men in particular have leveled wildly dramatic claims against FNC hosts like Tucker Carlson and suggested draconian punishments like jail time or even deportation for the Murdoch family.


Remember “Campaign Carl” Cameron? He worked for FNC as a political reporter for two decades, thus the nickname. He was good at his job and mostly stayed in a neutral position as he reported news in the political world. As time went on, he tilted more obviously left. He announced his retirement from FNC in 2017. Cameron went on to co-found a progressive news aggregator, Front Page Live, with others, including his wife. She is also a former Fox News employee. Carl serves as Chief Political Correspondent.

Last week things got weird. Cameron was on CNN with Jim Acosta (I know) and during his interview, Cameron officially joined in the chorus of voices calling for action against Tucker Carlson and Fox News Channel in general. The mass shooting in Buffalo, New York seems to be the latest trigger for calling for the dismissal of Carlson from FNC. Cameron wants Biden and law enforcement to take action against Tucker and also social media. Lock him up! He compared Carlson’s show to falsely shouting fire in a crowded theatre.

Carl Cameron was asked: ‘Do you think the Murdoch family in charge of Fox will ever pull the plug on Tucker?’ during an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday.

‘The fact of the matter is, if you disturb the peace by starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail or you might end up in something worse.’

Cameron went on to challenge President Joe Biden to take serious action against Carlson and social media.

The president has to be more forceful and sooner or later the law enforcement and the US government is going to have to stop the lying because it’s causing people’s deaths,’ he said.

‘It’s not just Fox, it’s social media in general. It’s on the internet. And we have to remember that a good portion of what we read is coming from folks who aren’t Americans, pretending to be Americans in order to gaslight them even worse.’


I wonder what the “something worse” would be – death by firing squad, maybe? Someone is sounding like an authoritarian liberal, don’t you think? Progressives and others accuse Carlson of promoting the Great Replacement Theory during his show. Then, the narrative goes, viewers get all riled up and go out and do violent things. It’s an ugly game the left plays as it blames its political opponents for violence and destruction.

At the very least, Tucker should be censored and de-platformed, said Cameron, because he ‘puts out falsehoods that cause damage and violent, violent hate.’ There is plenty of room for whataboutism here but I’m not going into that now. The venom spewed on the other cable networks on a nightly basis is well-documented.

Cameron’s comments on CNN were a continuation of his remarks to Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show on May 1. The reporter formerly known as Campaign Carl suggested that Biden should be ‘taking some names and putting people in jail’ after the Buffalo mass shooting. It’s not the first time Carlson has criticized FNC or Tucker Carlson. When Shepherd Smith left the network in 2019, also the year Carl co-founded his website, Cameron began commenting about FNC in a less than favorable way.

The network responded with a statement alleging that Cameron was unable to show up for work on a regular basis adding that they had shown him ‘compassion, patience and graciousness’ during his ‘multitude of personal struggles,’ according to Mediaite.

During the MSNBC interview last month, Wallace asked Cameron how Fox executives could deal with the fact that so many of Payton Gendron’s beliefs mirrored issues brought up on Carlson’s show.

He responded by saying: ‘I can’t even imagine. That’s partly why I ended up getting out of there.’


Another loud critic of Fox News and Tucker Carlson spoke out last week on MSNBC to call for the deportation of the entire Murdoch family. Howard Dean, failed presidential candidate famous for his insanely loud scream at a political rally, appeared on Ari Melber’s show and called FNC the brand of hate and murder. So, there’s that. Howard Dean also used to be the chairman of the DNC, as well as the governor of Vermont. In other words, he knows what he is doing when he makes outlandish statements.

Melber told Dean he wanted to talk about guns and hate and replacement theory, and racism – all the things. He lumped everything in with the Buffalo mass shooting.

Dean said, “I see the brand of Fox being hate, anger, dishonesty and now murder.”

He continued, “That is the brand. That is the brand of the Murdochs have chosen to be their flagship communication. I agree with Biden, Murdoch has harmed this country more than any other human being in my lifetime, and he should never have been given citizenship. The one thing I would change about our immigration policy is to send Murdoch back to Australia and keep them there, the whole family.”

Dean added, “If you cause that much trouble, you spread lies and hate and anger and tear the United States apart with your crappy TV shows, simply to make money, you do not belong, you do not deserve American citizenship, period.”


That’s some Grade A level bat crap crazy stuff right there. Fox’s brand is murder. Everything would be fine in America if only Fox News Channel was pulled off the air and its show hosts locked up. Also, send the Murdoch’s back to Australia. Helluva plan, Howard Dean.

The left does what it accuses the right of doing. Look at what happened during the days of Trump’s administration. The lefty media was only too happy to put this country through three years of Russia, Russia, Russia when it was all a phony story made up by Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff. They tried to stop Trump from winning the election and it didn’t matter how they did it. Then, they used the phony story about Trump’s alleged connections to Russia to try to overturn the election because Hillary couldn’t accept defeat. Who’s the threat to democracy? Look around.

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