Video: On clean coal, Biden takes bold stand against, um, Obama's position; Update: McCain launches coalition to protect coal jobs

Via the Standard, here’s the relevant plank of Team Barry’s plan for green jobs:

Develop and Deploy Clean Coal Technology.

Obama’s Department of Energy will enter into public private partnerships to develop five “first-of-a-kind” commercial scale coal-fired plants with clean carbon capture and sequestration technology.

And now here’s the Greasy one, summarily outsourcing those jobs to China. Did I or did I not tell you that the man’s a genius?

That’s twice now in about 18 hours that Biden’s undermined his own campaign. Are they just not cc’ing him on the memos anymore? Has the surging tide of Palinmania caused even Obama HQ to forget that he’s part of this campaign? Or is this all part of some dastardly Axelrodian plan to have him gaffe his way off the ticket, clearing the way for Her Majesty to come aboard and bring that stubborn 42 percent with her?

Not the only new gaffe of the morning either, do note. Exit question: Maybe this is all part of Al Gore’s master environmental strategy of China not having to go green until the U.S. does?

Update: Jay Cost makes an obvious point I should have flagged: This is going to play oh so sweetly in western Pennsylvania.

Update: Compare Biden’s direct condemnation in the clip — “We’re not supporting clean coal” and “No coal plants here in America” — with this balletic bit of spin from his spokesman:

The Democrats are responding by essentially reiterating Obama’s stance on the issue, implying that this was merely a matter of Biden speaking out of school.

“Senator McCain knows that Senator Obama and Senator Biden support clean coal technology,” says Biden spokesman David Wade. “Senator Biden’s point is that China is building coal plants with outdated technology every day, and the United States needs to lead by developing clean coal technologies. The Obama-Biden comprehensive energy plan will invest $150 billion over 10 years in clean energy technologies, including incentives to accelerate private sector investment in commercial scale zero-carbon coal facilities. The Obama-Biden Department of Energy is committed to developing 5 ‘first-of-a-kind’ commercial scale coal-fired plants with carbon capture and sequestration here in the United States.”

Update: Fresh off the presses from Team McCain. Go for the throat, Maverick!

ARLINGTON, VA — Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito (R-WV), former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen, former Congressman Scott McInnis (R-CO) and RNC Chairman Mike Duncan will announce the McCain-Palin campaign’s Coalition to Protect Coal Jobs, a nationwide group including members of Congress, state government and other influential leaders. The coalition will help spread the message about the importance of clean coal technology and the advantages of tapping the country’s vast coal reserves. As part of John McCain’s “all of the above” energy plan, the Lexington Project, clean coal will be a strong component of the drive to energy independence. In addition to providing domestic energy, the coal industry is a key part of the economy in several states.

John McCain’s support for clean coal technology is in sharp contrast to that of his opponents. Joe Biden visited Virginia on Saturday, saying that he was a “hard-coal miner” and that it was “nice to be back in coal country” while Obama supporter, Congressman Rick Boucher (D-VA) said “Senator Obama’s a friend of coal.” But just two days later in Ohio, Senator Biden said he wants “no coal plants here in America” and that he and Senator Obama are “not supporting clean coal.”