Video: Fox News is biased against me, says Fred

Has it come to this? Yes, Carl Cameron had some fun with his Gucci-wearing, golf-cart-riding ways at the Iowa state fair. And no, the Foxies didn’t stint on reporting his personnel troubles. But has any candidate, Giuliani included, been hyped more consistently or enthusiastically by Sean Hannity than Fred? From the first one-on-one in May to the solo shot while the rest of the field was debating in June to an among-the-people sitdown in July, and on through to September and October, and that’s not including radio appearances or shots on other Fox shows. There’s been a “constant mantra,” all right. Just not the one Fred’s claiming here.

The ultimate irony? Guess which Fox show it was that launched his bid for the presidency.

Update: Will Fox News be blamed for this, too?