Dec 2018

Unsafe space.

Nov 2018

Sometimes principles come with a price

“We’re sounding like Trump’s America here in Mexico.”

Sep 2018

“…everyone is ‘mad as hell.'”

You mean Canadians can’t donate to American elections?

Just business.

“Even though he is one of the best Quarterbacks in the league.”

“President George Bridges says 6 faculty members have been strongly reprimanded”

Aug 2018

“People can protest without disrespecting the flag.”

Much ado about literally almost nothing

Who ya gonna call? Not the Portland PD

Jul 2018

Philippe Reines leads protests outside White House

Karen Townsend Jul 21, 2018 10:01 AM


“The crowd then began chanting, cursing the government and saying, ‘America was never great.'”

Jun 2018

“You leave him alone!”

They seem nice…


“As the son of a Polish holocaust survivor, the images and sounds of this family separation policy is heart wrenching.”

Out of bounds

May 2018

“In a serious political game of chicken, Publix blinked.’’

“Turning his back” on the cops

Apr 2018

Far left protesters target NRA lobbyists’ home

John Sexton Apr 20, 2018 8:01 PM

“If I made him uncomfortable at his house, too bad, he deserves it.”

Mar 2018

The revolution will be televised

Feb 2018

“Five arrests were made, including charges of battery on an officer…”

Jan 2018

“…civil disorder and gun possession by a convicted felon.”

Dec 2017

“Death to the Islamic Republic”

“Secret Service agents and Los Angeles police, including bomb-squad officers, soon swarmed the area…”

Nov 2017

Black Lives Matter is dreaming of a Black Christmas

Jazz Shaw Nov 28, 2017 12:31 PM

For once, a decent idea

Because of racist pipelines or something

Oct 2017

“eco-terrorism, sabotage, arson, vandalism and violence.”

“The school has continuously taken the side of racist groups like the College Republicans by defending their harmful speech as ‘free speech’ and ‘free assembly’.”

Am I proud of America? ROFL!

Calling in Uncle Sam

Sep 2017

“Why aren’t they honoring this country by enforcing a rule that’s been in existence for a long time?”


“Every single time I see that picture of me standing by myself, I feel embarrassed.”

Trump: C’mon, let’s boycott the NFL

Allahpundit Sep 24, 2017 2:01 PM

“League should back U.S.”