The saddest protest of all happened last weekend

The saddest protest of all happened last weekend

As you probably know, protesters continue to agitate to block the construction of a police training center outside of Atlanta. Last week opponents of the site announce a protest which would take place at the stadium where the Atlanta Falcons play.


A protest is planned against the Atlanta Falcons outside Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday afternoon by groups against the public safety training center, according to a release…

According to the release, those in attendance plan to issue “The People’s Penalty Flag: Offsides!” to Blank, for his support of the Atlanta Police Foundation.

In case all of that wasn’t clear, the owner of the Falcons is Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot. He’s given some money to support the construction of the new facility so of course he’s a target for activists.

But something very sad happened Sunday. Only a single protester showed up at the game. Her name is Jaye Crawford.

As thousands converge on Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see the Falcons face off with the Green Bay Packers, another group is hoping to use this opportunity to get more support for their cause.

A protest was planned in front of The Benz on Sunday afternoon from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the stadium’s entrance gates, but that didn’t go as planned. Only one person showed up. Despite that, the woman who attended said she wasn’t discouraged…

“We know from this past week that 116,000 people in the city of Atlanta do not want Cop City,” Crawford said. “We are here today to encourage the ownership, and the players to stand on the right side.”


Yes, she actually said “we are here today” even though she was the only person to show up.

I actually wonder what happened here. Did they cancel this at the last minute and forget to tell her? Or is it more the case that the groups behind this don’t have the same energy with so many of their members facing RICO charges.

My guess is that all of the remaining energy in this effort is being spent trying to get their ballot measure on the ballot. As of a week ago, there was an impasse about verifying the signatures:

The activists had gathered jubilantly after obtaining what they said were the signatures of more than 116,000 Atlanta residents, far more than necessary to force a vote on the center that critics have dubbed “Cop City.”

But shortly after they began hauling more than a dozen boxes of paperwork to the clerk’s office, Atlanta officials said they were legally barred from beginning the process of verifying the forms, saying organizers had missed an Aug. 21 deadline. The deadline had been previously extended until September by a federal judge, but an appellate court on Sept. 1 paused the enforcement of that order, throwing the effort into legal limbo…

“This is yet another disgraceful push by the city to stonewall democracy, showing that Mayor (Andre) Dickens and the City of Atlanta fear the power of their constituents,” the Vote to Stop Cop City Coalition said in a statement.


So the city was waiting for a ruling from the court. Yesterday the city said it would make copies of the submitted signatures even though it isn’t verifying them yet.

Atlanta’s city government will scan and release copies of petitions against a proposed police and firefighter training center, even though the city still isn’t verifying voter signatures or otherwise moving forward with the citywide referendum sought by “Stop Cop City” activists…

…top leaders of Georgia’s Democratic Party are increasingly voicing doubts over the city’s course of action. Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock on Friday urged Atlanta’s mayor “to err on the side of giving people the ability to express their views” in a letter. He expressed concerns about the city’s decision to adopt a signature-matching verification process. Activists and prominent voting rights groups have decried signature-matching as voter suppression.

Democrat Stacey Abrams, former candidate for governor, also criticized the city in recent days.

“Regardless of one’s position on the subject matter, the leadership of the city should make every effort to allow direct citizen engagement by vote,” Abrams told the Journal-Constitution.

These people are a joke. They demand that everyone act with the utmost care and respect for their rights and concerns but the moment they think no one is looking they are setting police cars and police motorcycles and construction equipment on fire to get their way. They stood outside city hall and chanted “If you build it we will burn it.” Oh, and let’s not forget shooting a police trooper who wound up in the hospital, a fact which a raft of stories published by left-wing outlets has simply decided to ignore or deny.


Here’s the local news report on the loneliest “stop cop city” protester.

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