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“Improving our border security is imperative in keeping America safe.”

Nov 2018

“I’d set up a tent in my yard, help ’em find employment.”

Oct 2018

Here we go.

“No sane country would do that, right?”

“We’re getting hammered daily.”

Aug 2018

“I immigrated to this country with my family when I was very little.”

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Dec 2017

“I had Nancy Pelosi tell me to my face that she would get this done by the end of the year.”

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“We have tremendous experience of dealing with unaccompanied minors.”

Feb 2017
Sep 2015

New Jeb Bush ad: “Todos somos Americanos”

Allahpundit Sep 15, 2015 4:41 PM


“I know some bridges over a river in Texas that doesn’t seem to matter.”

“It sounds really cool, you know, ‘Let’s just round them all up and send them back.'”

Aug 2015
Jul 2015

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Quotes of the day

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Quotes of the day

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“These are people who want to be better neighbors.”

“After Obama spoke, the vibe was, ‘Wow. This is a very clear, very serious pivot.'”

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“They’re not going home. And so why don’t we give them a path to citizenship.”

Dec 2013