We need to show much more compassion to refugees, says ... Ammon Bundy

I thought I could handle everything 2018 could throw at me politically but an anti-government rancher offering to host immigrants in a tent in his own yard has me thinking it’s time for a shopping spree at the liquor store this weekend.

Whatever’s coming in December, as the year in news builds to its big finale, simply won’t be survivable sober.

Watching this is like watching a communist make an impassioned plea for gun rights. It’s not that his ideology strictly contradicts that position, but … there is tension, shall we say.

“It seems that there’s been this group stereotype,” Bundy says in the 17-minute video. “But what about those who have come here for reasons of need? . . . What about the fathers, the mothers, the children, who have come here and are willing to go through the process to apply for asylum so they can come into this country?” The video now has over 5,000 views…

“They come to the border, and they have a right—a legal right—to apply to come into this country,” he argued. “Each one of them should be considered individually.”

If you can’t spare 17 minutes to watch it all, skip to around 11:00 of the clip below. That’s where he really gets rolling. He’s replying to comments on the video at Facebook too. His view here is informed by his faith, a point often made by left-wing amnesty fans against right-wing border hawks. Doesn’t the Bible instruct Christians to be Good Samaritans? Yes, says Bundy. More than that, though:

You need to read and understand the scriptures. Migration to the Unites States is a huge part of the actions of the last days. We are to teach them the gospel as they come, love and welcome them.

He has practical reasons for his position too, though. Er, if and when the war against the federal government breaks out, Americans may need refugee status from our own neighbors:

If we are forced to fight it will be against government employees the bureaucrats. The same government employees that have corrupted immigration and stand at the boarder. The people in Honduras were slowly diminished to there situation over more than one generation, just like it is happening here. By the time we are willing to fight, we will most likely be too desperate to do so and may have to flee just like most others in history. It is very clear that if the USA falls it will fall from within and not from without. Migration has been a part of US history from it inception. These immigrants are not the people you will have to fight if fighting broke out, it will be the bureaucrats the government employees.

Admit Hondurans and Guatemalans en masse today and hopefully Honduras and Guatemala will admit Americans en masse tomorrow.

There’s a two-for-one deal on Jack at the local liquor emporium right now, by the way. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

In lieu of an exit question, read the WSJ’s report on members of the caravan reconsidering their options now that they’ve been faced with a long wait on the Mexican side of the U.S. border. (More on that here.) Some 200 people have filed in Mexico for voluntary repatriation, i.e. volunteered to be deported. A hundred left on a plane yesterday, another hundred will leave soon by bus. Dozens of others have filed for asylum in Mexico. What if deterrence works?