Glenn Beck: My listeners have raised $700,000 in supplies for illegal immigrant children -- and Ted Cruz told me he wants to help

Via the Blaze, skip to 9:20 of the second clip for a bit about his chat with Cruz. It occurs to me that this is, in a way, the opposite of Palin’s call for impeachment. Many grassroots righties support impeachment but there’s virtually no one in the political class, including tea-party heroes like Cruz, willing to pursue it. In the case of Beck’s charity drive for kids from Central America who’ve been sent north across the border, some (maybe not quite “many”) grassroots righties oppose it on grounds that it’s adding an incentive for more illegals to come. But virtually everyone in the political class supports it — again, including tea-party heroes like Mike Lee and Cruz, who has an extra reason as a prospective 2016 candidate to pitch in here. Joining Beck’s charity drive is a way for Republicans who might take a tougher line on border enforcement than the rest of the presidential field to deflect the left’s inevitable accusations that they’re “heartless.” What Beck’s doing here, intentionally or not, by bringing people like Cruz into the fold is creating political space for conservatives to stand their ground on security. I’m frankly surprised that other big-name righties like Rubio and Rand Paul haven’t asked to participate too, precisely for that reason. Although, in Rubio’s case, perhaps that would be … awkward.

If Democrats end up caving and endorsing some sort of expedited deportation process for the kids who are coming, would that reduce the incentive to cross the border sufficiently to make you support Beck’s charity drive? Or is there nothing to redeem this idea among its opponents?

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Jazz Shaw 7:31 PM on October 02, 2022