CNN bombshell: Hillary "very disappointed" in Trump for comments about illegals

The full interview is airing on CNN as I write this — the first chat Her Majesty’s had with a major network in months — but this is the clip they’re using to promote it online, literally the least challenging topic they could have raised with a Democrat who’s going to spend the next 16 months pandering to Latino voters at every turn. Asking her whether she disagrees with Trump, whose comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico were dicey enough to get him rebuked by Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, is about as difficult as asking her if she was proud to have been part of an administration that liquidated Osama Bin Laden. Brianna Keiler doesn’t even correct her when she claims that all GOPers oppose a path to citizenship. That’s technically accurate when it comes to Bush, who insists he’d stop at permanent residency for illegals even though no one actually believes him, but it’s flatly untrue for Marco Rubio, who told an audience of Republicans just last week in New Hampshire that he continues to support citizenship as the third stage of the reform process. It’s one thing to throw softballs at her, but do they have to let her lie too?

Meanwhile, conservatives in Twitter are up in arms about Keilar letting Hillary spin her crooked e-mail practices. “Everything I did was permitted,” she claimed. It was?

Keilar was recently a guest at the wedding of one Hillary’s staffers, although you may remember her from the time she used her question at Obama’s year-end White House press conference to … ask him what his New Year’s resolution was. Good work not insisting on using Tapper for this one, CNN.

Update: Good question from DrewM: Will Hillary return Trump’s many campaign contributions to her over the years? Keilar didn’t ask that one either.

Update: In so many words:

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