domestic energy production
Jun 2018

Remember when?

Jan 2017

What would flipper say?

Oct 2016

It’s a free market after all

May 2016

Workin’ in the coal mines

Feb 2016

Silence on the field

Nov 2015

Bill Gates pushes mercantilism to solve climate change

Taylor Millard Nov 02, 2015 12:01 PM

Adam Smith and Ayn Rand yell “No!”

Jun 2015

Get on board the energy train

May 2015

Crude oil may be our most strategic weapon

Jazz Shaw May 21, 2015 9:21 AM

The new sea power

Drill baby drill!

Drill baby drill… South Carolina edition

Apr 2015

As gas prices fall, drivers dump hybrids for SUVs

Jazz Shaw Apr 22, 2015 8:01 AM

Hit the road, Jack.

Mar 2015

Clinging to the past for all the wrong reasons

Jan 2015

US oil production to drop off by end of year

Jazz Shaw Jan 08, 2015 6:01 PM

The invisible hand smacks everyone without bias

Dec 2014

“My goodness, we should be leading the world.”

Jun 2014

Is it time to start nurturing a stronger “NOPEC”?

Erika Johnsen Jun 13, 2014 2:31 PM

The would-be three amigos…

Here we go.

May 2014

We built that.

Mar 2014


You’ve got to admit it’s getting better.

Feb 2014
Jan 2014
Dec 2013

How do you like me now?

Oct 2013
Sep 2013

And then there were four.

So stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Aug 2013

Another nail in the Gasland coffin

Erika Johnsen Aug 14, 2013 1:21 PM

“Can we just jump off the record for a second here?”

Jul 2013

That certainly didn’t take long.

Jun 2013
May 2013


Unintended consequences.

Mar 2013
Feb 2013

Let’s talk.


Jan 2013

The shifting geopolitics of the shale gas boom

Erika Johnsen Jan 26, 2013 2:31 PM

Who’s afraid of global alternatives?

He’s really super cereal.