Politinerds: Congressman Bill Johnson (R - Ohio 6)


This week on Politinerds, Doug and I sit down with Congressman Bill Johnson, representing Ohio’s 6th district. Bill sits on the Committees on Energy & Commerce and Science, Space and Technology. Energy is a big focus for the congressman, and to put it mildly he’s not a big fan of President Obama’s policies in that area nor the actions of his cabinet which impact American energy independence. He goes into all of that, but first we explore his background a bit.

Long before it was trendy to go “off the grid” Bill Johnson grew up on a farm where they didn’t have indoor plumbing until he was in high school. The man literally worked a plow which was pulled by a mule. To say that he’s “grounded” in the real America is an understatement. After graduating high school, rather than heading off to college, Bill joined the military and served for 26 years. We explore some of his history as a pilot in the Air Force, as well as how he completed his education with the help of the military. It was a great interview and the congressman pulls no punches in his criticism of the administration and those who thwart one of America’s greatest potential growth areas.

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