CNN: Pennsylvania voters "confused" over Biden's position on fracking

CNN: Pennsylvania voters "confused" over Biden's position on fracking

They don’t sound “confused” at all, actually. CNN went to western Pennsylvania to see how Joe Biden’s reveal on domestic energy production during the debate flies with voters, only to discover that it doesn’t. Biden’s long history of telling various audiences contradictory positions on fracking and domestic oil production got exposed by Donald Trump on national television, and the only people confused on that point are media outlets still trying to white-knight for Biden.

Meet Sir Vanessa Yurkevich, who claims voters in fracking country are the ones who are “confused” on Biden’s position, while avoiding Biden’s track record of talking out of both sides of his mouth on this topic:

VANESSA YURKEVICH, CNN BUSINESS & POLITICS CORRESPONDENT: Well, that’s right. And voters we spoke to in Western Pennsylvania are still pretty confused on the former Vice President’s position, whether it’s what Donald Trump is saying about Joe Biden or Joe Biden’s lack of clarity. Voters are looking for certainty right now. And this is critically important in Western Pennsylvania, where fracking is king. It’s helped to boost home prices, boost median incomes, and provided thousands of jobs. We traveled to Elysburg, Pennsylvania, and we spoke to voters there in this very small town, particularly business owners who say they will not survive if fracking does not exist.

EMANUEL PARIS, SENIOR PROJECT MANAGER, ALEX E. PARIS CONTRACTING CO.: President Trump has a more clear perspective on keeping fracking going with minimal regulations. Where Biden in the past and through the campaign has kind of gone back and forth in what he wants to do.

SHARLO TKALCEVIC, OWNER, T’S LOCKER ROOM BAR AND GRILLE: It’s almost like a domino effect. And it could just be disastrous in my eyes, if, you know, first the pandemic and then fracking is banned.

YURKEVICH: Now Joe Biden has cleared up his stance since he made those comments at the debate. He says he doesn’t want to ban fracking. He just wants to ban it on public lands. But I should note that in Western Pennsylvania, most of the fracking is actually done on private land. But you heard from that small restaurant owner there that she’s really dealing with a one two punch.

She’s dealing with the pandemic which has forced some layoffs and fracking, but also in this uncertain future about the fracking industry as she’s hearing from these candidates, the majority of voters we spoke to say they will be supporting President Trump this time around because they do feel like his message is a little clearer and will be good for their livelihoods and their future. John?

No, Biden has not “cleared up his stance” since the debate. He flat-out lied about claiming never to have supported a ban on fracking and fossil-fuel energy production, and is still lying about it now. It’s not as if Biden only muttered this opposition to domestic fossil-fuel production, either. He’s done so publicly, repeatedly, and on national television in this election cycle:

Why didn’t CNN mention any of this while claiming that Biden has “cleared up his stance”?

This is why no one in western Pennsylvania cares whether fracking takes place on private land or not. Biden’s talked about ending all drilling, fracking or otherwise, while on the campaign trail. Oddly, Yurkevich doesn’t mention that at all — only that voters feel that Trump’s message is “a little clearer.” Something is clear in this segment, and it’s desperation by CNN to avoid telling the truth about Biden.

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