Another nail in the Gasland coffin

It still hasn’t ceased to amaze me that so-called environmentalists and hardcore progressives are still so determined to take as gospel the deliberately misleading documentary Gasland — it was nominated for an Academy Award, for goodness’ sake — and to paint filmmaker Josh Fox as a hero in the struggle to save the planet. Even after all of the widespread debunking that went on after the film’s release, Fox went ahead with a sequel that doubled down on the same ol’ outrageous lies and misrepresentations. It didn’t say much for the level of journalistic integrity involved in the films, and it doesn’t surprise me that the makers of the dueling documentary FrackNation have unearthed yet another example of a fracking fabrication in Fox’s original film:

My, my.

Hydraulic fracturing has been one of the most remarkable innovations in energy production, in that it’s been both a huge boon for jobs and the economy and it’s responsible for the shale gas revolution — which in turn has led to the United States’ recent decrease in total carbon emissions. That just happens to be the stated goal of self-proclaimed environmentalists everywhere — why are these progressives so anti-science?