Jul 2018

“Brett has remained a ‘man for others’ through his actions and not mere words.”


“My real problem here … is the messaging.”

“The next nominee has an obligation – a serious and solemn obligation – to share their personal views on these legal issues…”

Michelle Wolf: “God bless abortions”

Allahpundit Jul 09, 2018 1:31 PM

“It should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s!”

“We lose when we start tampering with social issues.”

The code word is …. (Republican).

Signs point to Kavanaugh as the pick

Allahpundit Jul 06, 2018 11:21 AM


NBC analyst: Come on, Roe‘s not in danger

Ed Morrissey Jul 05, 2018 6:31 PM

But just in case it is…

Generic ballot D+3.

Jun 2018



But “I don’t think it should be the only factor for anybody.”

Not a total victory, but a clear signal of one. 

Also: “The human family in the image of God, man and woman, is the only one. It is the only one.”

“I do not believe in the socialist ideology, which is to push religion out of the public space…”

May 2018


“The baby in the womb has the same rights as the baby in a mother’s arms.”

And the free press?

Heartbeat stops an abortion.

Apr 2018

“Jared and Ivanka were there for one reason: to deliver a political win.”

Mar 2018

This is why we can’t have nice things.

“They’re jockeying for position as to which would be the state that would have their name on that case.”

Dolan to Dems: Why have you forsaken us Catholics?

Ed Morrissey Mar 24, 2018 2:31 PM

“The ‘big tent’ of the Democratic Party now seems a pup tent.”

“I would like to make Mr. Lipinski to have a very painful evening.”

Feb 2018
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Dec 2017

GOP civil war postponed, not prevented.

So help me God.