Jilly From Philly Campaigns for Abortion on Second Anniversary of Dobbs Decision

Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Today marks the second anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in the Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health case. 

It's abortion week for the Biden-Harris campaign. Well, every week is abortion week with the Biden administration but especially this week. Abortion is one of the issues that President Biden delegated to Kamala Harris. Unlike other issues she is supposed to be working on, like securing the southern border, Kamala has enthusiastically embraced abortion as her top concern. 


Jill Biden is joining her in spreading the word about the need for unlimited, 24/7 abortions in the United States. Last week Jilly from Philly was scaring senior citizen voters about the bad Orange Man and this week she is singing the praises of abortion to voters.

They are targeting rural voters and black voters in their abortion outreach. For its part, the DNC is spending a low seven-figure budget on an outreach campaign aimed specifically at female voters in swing states who are considered less likely to vote. 

The Democrats are pinning their hopes on abortion saving Biden's sinking campaign. It worked well for them in the 2022 mid-term elections so they are returning to that playbook. What else do they have to run on? The Biden administration has been a disaster. 

Jill and Kamala are reminding voters in Senate battleground states this week that former President Trump put three conservative justices on the Supreme Court. The Dobbs decision ruled that there is no constitutional right to abortion access and put the issue back to states and their legislatures to determine abortion policy. That may backfire, though, since rural voters, generally speaking, are more conservative and traditional-minded voters. 

Now that Jill isn't flying back and forth to France several times a week, she has the time to hold campaign events and raise money for her husband's re-election campaign. Hey, how come the media wasn't interested in Jilly's huge carbon footprint during the D-Day celebrations? I thought climate change was the most important issue facing us.


The DNC is giving money to state Democratic parties to divvy up at their discretion, using whatever platforms they deem most likely to reach the targeted groups, which include Black women and women in rural areas.

Swing states receiving the bulk of the funds include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. Twenty-one states that predominantly back Republicans are also receiving a funding boost for the targeted outreach, but to a lesser extent than the swing states.

The new figure comes on top of a baseline $8.3 million investment this year across every state Democratic party for abortion messaging ― a 25 percent increase since 2020.

“The DNC is committed to ensuring that every woman in the states that will decide this election understands what a second term of Donald Trump means,” DNC Communications Director Rosemary Boeglin said in a statement.

 There is a lot of money in abortion. 

Jill Biden doesn't just attack Trump, she attacks all Republicans. Just like her husband does, despite running in 2020 to unify the country. Biden is a serial liar on everything.

“Radical Republicans are sacrificing the health, freedom and future of women in the name of a political agenda, and that’s why we are here today. My husband, President Biden, has always been a champion for women,” Biden said.


What about Ashley Biden's claims that her father showered with her? What about claims from Tara Reade from when she was on Biden's Senate staff? Were those actions in support of women? 

Earlier this month, Jill spoke about LGBTQ rights at the Pittsburgh Pride festival. She doesn't miss an opportunity to push the administration's radical agenda. Who is running the White House anyway? It's not Joe Biden. He doesn't know where he is or what he is doing. I think Jill and Obama are making the big decisions with plenty of help from top staffers. The White House is making decisions like a committee instead of by the leader of the free world.

The truth is that abortion is legal in Pennsylvania. It is not in danger of looking like a red state on abortion restrictions. It's a phony issue by a phony first lady. 

Joe Biden is closed up at Camp David to prep for the first presidential debate. He is taking a week to devote to that. Word is that he has 16, count 'em 16, people helping him prep. That's a lot of panic, my friends. 

Jill Biden kicked off the week on Sunday at a Women for Biden-Harris rally. 

“Here’s the thing about Trump. He underestimates our power, the power of women. He sees empathy and compassion as weakness. He doesn’t get that empathy and compassion gives clarity to fight for what’s right. He thinks that our love for our families and our communities makes us soft, but we know our families light a fire in our hearts that makes us fearless and unafraid,” Biden said.

“He doesn’t know when our daughters lives are on the line and our daughters futures are at stake we are unmovable and we are unstoppable. Women put Joe Biden in the White House and women are going to keep him there because, Donald Trump is dangerous to our country. We cannot let him win. We cannot sit by while our freedoms slip away,” Biden said.


What a divisive load of malarkey. Trump won the election in 2016, thanks in part to having the first winning woman campaign manager. Ivanka is a top adviser to her father. Melania is his top adviser. His cabinet in 2016 had strong, experienced women in positions of power. 73-year-old Jilly went all grrrl power and sounded unhinged. She desperately wants to continue living large on the taxpayers' dime. 

Women and other voters don't have the luxury of being single-issue voters in this election. Joe Biden is turning our country into a banana republic. The Marxists in his administration are destroying our constitutional republic. Women voters are most concerned about inflation, the high cost of living, and law and order. Grocery prices are too high, rent and mortgage payments are too high, and the Biden border crisis is dangerous to all communities. Abortion is at the bottom of the list of voter concerns. 

Let the Democrats focus on abortion. Let the DNC spend its money. We'll see if 2024 turns out like 2022 did for Republicans.

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