Obamateurism of the Day

After numerous undercover videos by Live Action over the last three years showed repeated violations by Planned Parenthood of laws requiring notification to law enforcement for sexual exploitation of minors, the nation’s chief executive has finally weighed in on the pattern of lawbreaking. Despite criminal investigations in at least two states and numerous staff terminations, Barack Obama considers the entire issue “manufactured“:

“I think sometimes these issues get manufactured,” he said “they get a lot of attention in the blogosphere…

“You know my bottom line is I think that Planned Parenthood in the past has done good work. If there was a specific problem at this center, it should be addressed, but we shouldn’t get so distracted with some of these issues.”

Manufactured? Here’s a partial list of the posts we’ve had here at Hot Air:

Lots of people and organizations did “good work” at one time or another while still breaking the law.  I’m unaware of a “good work” exception to law enforcement, especially when it comes to protecting children from sexual exploitation.  Planned Parenthood clinics have an entire series of videos showing their clinics conspiring to keep such exploitation hidden from police.  Shouldn’t the chief executive of the nation at least express some concern over that, or would Obama need to “manufacture” that concern?

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