This is our third installment counting down the Hot Air posts with the most page views this year, and today we look at positions 21-30. This group includes two Sarah Palin posts — the final two, in fact, of this series — and at least three facepalm moments, including one of the Obamateurisms that made the semifinals.  They’re all fun posts to revisit in our stroll down Memory Lane:

  • 30: Breaking: Wisconsin Senate GOP to split off collective bargaining bill from budget, pass it separately? – And all holy Hell broke loose afterward. This was the beginning of the end of what really was the first Occupy protest.  Fitzgerald’s decision to separate the PEU reform forced the fleebaggers to return to their jobs in Wisconsin.
  • 29: Good news: Obama botches toast to the queen – Allahpundit’s brevity provided the needed wit for this embarrassing gaffe; the OOTD, OOTW, and OOTY candidate came shortly afterward.
  • 28: Bad news: Rand Paul outsmarts, embarrasses slow-witted Democrat – It was bad news … for Harry Reid, the slow-witted Democrat in question.  Senator Paul forced the Democrats to tie themselves in knots to avoid having to vote against Obama’s own words on the War Powers Act in 2007.  For Paul, it was a thing of beauty.
  • 27: Video: The flub heard ’round the world – There was nothing funny about this frightening moment for Serene Branson, an on-air reporter in Los Angeles.  She turned out to be OK, and we hope that Serene remains healthy today.  (Warning: the video autostarts at the link.)
  • 26: Video: Gingrich schools Pelley on “rule of law” on terrorists – A facepalm moment for CBS’ Scott Pelley, whose attempt to scold Newt Gingrich on international law during the one CBS debate ended up backfiring on him — and perhaps pointing out the moment when Gingrich’s boomlet really began.  CBS ended up with more than one facepalm moment that night, especially its decision to skip broadcasting the final 30 minutes in favor of a sporting event.  Why bother taking the debate at all, then?
  • 25: Video: Is Sarah Palin actually an idiot? – Only tangentially about Palin, thanks to another crude genitalia reference from Bill Maher.  Think of this as a political Rickroll on the Left.  Definitely worth another look now.
  • 24: Video: Police officer threatens concealed-carry driver with execution, beating – So whatever happened to Daniel Harless, anyway?  Last week, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that he’s still out, now on medical leave, reportedly having something to do with his heart.  For some reason, prosecutors pressed their case against driver William Bartlett — and a judge issued a summary dismissal after they rested their case.
  • 23: Palin knocks it out of the park – A great analysis of a Palin Facebook post from our outstanding Green Room contributor, J. E. Dyer.
  • 22: “Do you have a degree in economics?” – One rarely gets to see this kind of comeuppance in response to media talking-head arrogance.  Rep. Mo Brooks reminds MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer that tossing out challenges to credibility without knowing the answer is the surest path to humiliation.  Fortunately for Brewer, it happened on MSNBC, so only a few people saw it live.  Unfortunately for her, it lives on in YouTube forever.
  • 21: Victory: McDonald’s outsmarts San Francisco on Happy Meal ban – City issues dumb nanny-state law to curb corporate greed and exploitation of the young.  Corporation turns it into a profit opportunity.  Everyone’s happy, right?  Er … probably not, and it’s the families that got left holding the Happy Meal bag on this one.  Thank you, San Francisco!

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