Video: Howard Wolfson unloads on Olbermann and Matthews

Seems he doesn’t like being compared to Tokyo Rose simply because he’s willing to appear on a network where not every pundit comes from one side of the aisle. And if you think I’m exaggerating in saying that, do a nice slow scroll through Olby Watch’s list of guest analysts on “Countdown” dating back to the summer of 2006. You have to see it to believe it.

Incidentally, Wolfson’s flat wrong about Olbermann having spent the last two years attacking Hillary. To accuse him of that is to accuse him of having had the foresight or temerity to oppose her last year when she was the prohibitive favorite and the left’s golden girl. As late as the day after the Iowa caucuses, the nutroots were grumbling that he was in her pocket. Then Obama started winning and leftist loyalties began to shift, and like a good dog he rolled over and followed the tide. That’s how you get from point A, in which our modern-day Murrow actually interrupted an interview with Bill Clinton to hand him an envelope for his charity, to point B, screaming like the nutroots blogger he is (literally) about Geraldine Ferraro and lecturing Hillary on racial sensitivity, which must be the first time anyone callous enough to have earned a letter from the ADL has been that presumptuous.

As for the specific charge leveled against Wolfson, he shouldn’t take it personally. As I’ve noted before, there’s nothing Olby enjoys more than describing his opponents as enemies and terrorists, except perhaps affecting indignation when someone on the right returns the favor. So with no further ado, here’s the clip. Lest you feel too sorry for Wolfson, bear this in mind as you watch: His base created Olbermann. His constituents gave this bottom-feeder the power he now enjoys at MSNBC. And if he’d stayed in the tank for Hillary instead of hopping out and into the tank for Obama, Wolfson would have no problem with him.