NYT: McCain to meet with Jindal, Crist, Romney about VP this weekend? Update: Purely social, says McCain camp; Update: Lieberman, Graham also attending

What, no Huck? I thought he topped the shortlist. Or is this the new, post-joke reality, after the classless people on the Internet raised such a ruckus?

Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, on Friday is scheduled to meet with two Republican governors who have been prominently mentioned as potential running mates, according to Republicans familiar with Mr. McCain’s plan.

Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida, and Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana, have both accepted invitations to meet with Mr. McCain at his home in Arizona, according to Republican familiars with the decision. One Republican said that Mitt Romney, a former rival of Mr. McCain for the presidential nomination — is also expected to visit him this weekend. Mr. Romney’s advisers declined to comment.

Tim Pawlenty’s evidently attending a wedding this weekend; it’s not clear if he was invited. We’ve had endless threads about the VP prospects of Jindal (more than one) and Romney (many, many, many more than one) and a few piecemeal takes on Crist. Follow those links for the arguments; if this is the full shortlist then Romney clearly has the advantage. Skim through this new Survey USA poll of California too as you mull, as they decided to test various McCain vs. Obama tickets — including McCain/Lieberman — against each other. Surprisingly, it’s McCain/Huckabee that does the best, with McCain/Romney a close second. Exit question: Does any of it matter? The juggernaut’s a-comin’!

Update: False alarm. Turns out Maverick just wants to spend Memorial Day weekend hanging out with friends, three of whom happen to be top VP contenders and one of whom is literally half his age and hails from an entirely different part of the country.

Update: Liebs and Grahamnesty will also be there, although they’re basically part of McCain’s entourage.