Video: The O'Reilly Factor ambushes Rosie about her Trutherism

They teased it this afternoon on The Live Desk; the rest will air tonight on the Factor. Notice how confident she is that she’s never referred to 9/11 as an inside job. She’s hinted darkly on her blog about the number of government offices that were located in WTC 7 (the link goes to WND because her post on the subject has since disappeared). She’s suggested that Giuliani contributed to a cover-up by clearing the rubble before more testing could be done (the clip there has also disappeared due to a murky, unspecified “terms of use” violation). And she’s warmed up the audience at The View by wondering aloud why WTC 7 wasn’t mentioned in the government’s 9/11 Commission report — a lie, as it turns out. That video has also disappeared from YouTube owing to a supposed violation of terms of use; you can watch it, via Fox News, in this Raw Story capture. Given all that, how can she be so confident that she’s never referred to it as an inside job? Because it’s important to most Truthers, especially “mainstream” ones who need to preserve some shred of credibility, to be seen as conducting what’s essentially a scientific inquiry. They don’t issue rash, conclusory pronouncements like “Bush knocked down the Towers”; they marshall evidence, like the careful, diligent amateur physicists that they are, and then issue rash, conclusory pronouncements like “fire has never melted steel.” She’s just asking questions, in other words, much like Michael Moore. You don’t have anything against questions, do you, fascist?

The ultimate Rosie disquisition on this subject (still preserved, miraculously, on YouTube) is the clip in this post. The discussion of WTC 7 comes at the end, after a long harangue about the crimes of the Bush administration. She doesn’t know who’s responsible, she says, but the context speaks volumes for her theory of culpability.

Her handler sure does move in quickly after the first question is asked, huh? You’ve got to be willing to talk to Power if you want to speak Truth to it, Ro.

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