social justice
Oct 2018

“Making absurd and horrible ideas sufficiently politically fashionable can get them validated at the highest levels…”

Jul 2018
Jun 2018

“I am going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated.”

Mar 2018

This isn’t going to fix your ratings problem

Feb 2018
Nov 2017

“I’ve never seen the intolerant, aggressive SJW stuff.”

“Just because what is being said is crazy to the point of absurdity does not mean that the strategic plan is absurd.”

Oct 2017

Wrong side of history

Jan 2017

Hot new trend: Self-marriage

Ed Morrissey Jan 05, 2017 7:21 PM

Participation trophies.

Sep 2016

You’re not being inclusive enough with your fancy food and air conditioning

Apr 2016

Diversity or justice for all

Beware the white walker

Mar 2016

Unsafe spaces

Feb 2016

Office of Censorship

Jan 2016

One small step toward sanity

It’s not a celebration, in case you were wondering

The mall is not the public square

About that killer cop epidemic…

Jazz Shaw Jan 06, 2016 7:21 PM

Don’t buy into the hype

Dec 2015

“I think this is fantastic. I absolutely agree.”

Mysteries of the universe

Nov 2015

Play with fire and get burned.

Oct 2015

Capes are good in this case.

Sep 2015

Congrats. Here’s your Oakleys.

Aug 2015

Don’t mess with The Boss

Jul 2015

“A laugh can be a very powerful thing.”

Jun 2015

Update your scorecards accordingly.

“War…war never changes.”

May 2015

Robespierres abound.

Feb 2015

Come for the game — stay for the lecture?

Ed Morrissey Feb 03, 2015 12:01 PM

No one will have fun ever.

Jun 2012

A few thoughts on converts, faith, and politics

Ed Morrissey Jun 03, 2012 3:31 PM