College party featuring tiny sombreros sends SJW over a cliff

Since it’s Friday, we may as well check in with our nation’s colleges, where political correctness and the Social Justice Warriors are slowly causing the entire system to collapse in upon itself. This week we turn our attention to Bowdoin College, a private liberal arts school in Brunswick, Maine. All is not well at Bowdoin, where two members of the student government up for impeachment and others are looking for new quarters after being booted out of their dormitories. By now you can probably guess that this didn’t involve any sort of homicide or terrorist plot or even a robbery. No, the school has gone off the rails because of a tequila themed birthday party where some students wore tiny sombreros. (Washington Post)

Two weeks ago, some students threw a birthday party for a friend. The email invitation read: “the theme is tequila, so do with that what you may. We’re not saying it’s a fiesta, but we’re also not not saying that :).” The invitation — sent by a student of Colombian descent, which may or may not be relevant here — advertised games, music, cups and “other things that are conducive to a fun night.”

Those “other things” included the miniature sombreros, several inches in diameter. And when photos of attendees wearing those mini-sombreros showed up on social media, students and administrators went ballistic.

College administrators sent multiple schoolwide emails notifying the students about an “investigation” into a possible “act of ethnic stereotyping.”

Partygoers ultimately were reprimanded or placed on “social probation,” and the hosts have been kicked out of their dorm, according to friends.

Just to keep things in their proper context, on the very same night as the horrific tequila party there was a “Cold War party” on the other side of campus where students wore fur hats and emulated Stalin era soviet culture. This, apparently, was not deemed offensive to anyone.

The response to this incident was incredible, with both the student government and the college administration taking it seriously. A statement of solidarity was issued to support all students “who were injured and affected by the incident.” A safe space has been proposed to shelter anyone who has become a victim of cultural appropriation. Academic and professional careers will be damaged or ended over this. And all because a couple of kids went to a tequila themed party with tiny sombreros on their heads.

The mind simply boggles. At this point I’m running out of comparisons to use because the nation’s colleges have eclipsed the point of parody in a way that no frat house comedy movie could match. Is anyone attending class at Bowdoin this week or is everyone so traumatized that they had to crawl into a bunker? I’m just speculating here, but it probably won’t be long until the president of the college is called upon to step down after fostering such a hostile environment.

As always, I’ll include one note for parents sending their precious offspring to this hive of scum and villainy. The tuition at Bowdoin this year is $47,744. I sure hope you feel that it’s money well spent.


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