Nov 2017

“I have done things that I am ashamed of…”

Maybe they should get out more.

Oct 2017

More popular, less unpopular… but not a headline

Aug 2017

“It’s all very smug.”

Jul 2017
Jun 2017

Who has the spare time to hate her?

May 2017

“…help the Committee in better understanding these issues.”

Mar 2017

“… it serves as a crutch for the imagination.”

I’ma set it straight, this Watergate

Feb 2017

The GOP could never be that lucky

Two-thirds give Trump an A, too.

“…it was just another smear campaign by WikiLeaks”

“This White House does not seem to respect the idea of accountability.”

Nov 2016

“The results…are preliminary…”

Oct 2016

“I fully support the press.”

“…personal reasons”

“Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this.”

A nice relationship with the press can come in handy with this much on the line

Were you really expecting anything different?

Aug 2016

Democrats worry 2016 is an unpredictable year

John Sexton Aug 01, 2016 10:41 PM

“…just beneath the surface lies a persistent sense of uneasiness”

Jul 2016

“You know, I’m hoping that somebody comes here and arrests you.”

Jun 2016

Scarborough: ‘W’ would have ‘cut Trump to shreds’

Larry O'Connor Jun 09, 2016 7:21 AM

“With a single look”

“How do you say ‘not a chance in hell’ in Español?”

Apr 2016


“He’s the most conservative, least establishment member of the establishment. That’s what you need to be.”

Jan 2016

Has Politico imploded?

Ed Morrissey Jan 29, 2016 7:21 PM

“To blave?”

Dec 2015
Nov 2015

Quotes of the day

Allahpundit Nov 08, 2015 8:01 PM


Jul 2015

Plus, a word of thanks to HA commenters.

But did they “destroy” that poll in six words?

Flee as you value your lives

Mar 2015
Jan 2015

Politico invents nasty Mike Huckabee quote, mocks it

Noah Rothman Jan 28, 2015 12:01 PM


Dec 2014
Oct 2014

Meet the new boss.

“It’s a pathetically weak team.”

Except for having disclosed everything, that is

Sep 2014

“[I]f she does have a political future, it would be from the side of politics that is more about finance.”