Dec 2018

“The Department of Justice declined to comment on…who was notified about it and whether an internal investigation was launched.”

Nov 2018

“Absolutely, I will never do anything for her.”

Twitter can’t be fixed because it isn’t broken

Jazz Shaw Nov 01, 2018 12:31 PM

The only thing broken is the user base

Sep 2018

Does McConnell still want this nomination to proceed?

Allahpundit Sep 21, 2018 11:21 AM

Tick tock.

Aug 2018
Jun 2018

“He’s a f***** nut job.”

“…probably an inch from my face, screaming at me every word in the book”

“My fascism-enabling friends, this is only the beginning.”

Pelosi to Waters: Back off

Ed Morrissey Jun 25, 2018 2:01 PM

Trump: “Be careful what you wish for Max!”

May 2018

“People said what they wanted to you, people did what they wanted to you.”

“When you have over 100 women like Andrea Mitchell signing a letter of support without knowing the facts, it’s pretty scary.”

Feb 2018

“Never happened!”

“I don’t know what could be considered harassment or what won’t be.”

Jan 2018
Dec 2017

“I just spoke with the detective and it officially qualifies as sexual assault.”

“I think we need to move on.”

“Not only should women be heard, but they should be believed.”

“[T]hese guys set too high a standard for public office.”

“I won’t let that happen. Nothing will change.”

“Comedians often do weird things.”

“It shrunk me. It’s like I was no longer a person, only ornamental.”

Nov 2017

No, not him.

“I mean, we all talked about [it] for years.”

Accidents will happen.

“I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days.”

“It is essential that these women know I hear them and that I deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior.”