In the nick of time: Hero cop stops Cuomo from Cuomo-ing again

Here’s another example of why defunding the police is a bad idea.

If the boys in blue aren’t walking the beat, who’s going to stop the neighborhood pervert from assaulting women?


This scene played out yesterday in the Bronx following a visit to a church. Churches have been regular stops on Cuomo’s comeback tour as he tries to mask the stench of corruption and licentiousness with the perfume of religious virtue. He did some more grousing about “cancel culture” while there, a right-wing grievance which he’s appropriated as a way to explain his own predicament that doesn’t require him to admit that he’s a sleaze who got off very, very easy.

The gladhanding eventually moved outside, where Cuomo posed for pictures with admirers. But as you’re about to see, old habits die hard.

If not for a quick-thinking officer, the Cuomo 2022 campaign might have been over (again) before it got rolling:

In life as in hockey, a great save deserves a slow-motion replay. Let’s see that again:

Note how the cop had his hand on Cuomo’s arm the whole time. That’s a sign of truly stellar police work. Most officers solve crimes after the fact, but a standout detective anticipates the crime so that he can position himself to prevent it.


If Cuomo ends up successfully primarying Kathy Hochul — and he might — there should be a state trooper assigned to guide his hands while in proximity to women at all times. The king is dead, long live the king?

Andrew Cuomo on Thursday during an address delivered at a church said he’s “open” to mounting another run for New York governor.

“I’m open to all options,” Cuomo said, according to Bloomberg, after being asked if he was planning to run for governor again…

He also implied that he would be open to creating his own political party for a gubernatorial run, saying, “I’ve done it before. My father’s done it before.”

Cuomo’s address to the church denounced “intolerance and extremism on both sides of the political aisle.”

I’d recommend Chris Cuomo for the position of gubernatorial hand patrol after Andrew is reelected but (a) it sounds like he’ll be enjoying a luxe retirement by then and (b) that would be a case of letting the fox guard the henhouse. Good luck, ladies of New York.

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