"Pro-Palestinian" protesters openly harassing, attacking Jews in NYC

How many incidents have there been? It’s unclear, but enough that both Cuomo and de Blasio have issued statements about it.

John posted numerous clips last night of yesterday’s brawl in Times Square plus incidents of people throwing firecrackers at Jews in other parts of the city. But that wasn’t the extent of it. Two days ago, in midtown, this happened:

One of the men who was attacked, an Israeli, believes the mob turned on him and his friend when they heard them speaking Hebrew.

Things got nastier last night, with keffiyeh-wearing thugs harassing Jews right in front of the NYPD:

This is the most frightening one I’ve seen so far, with a woman being spit on repeatedly. If cops hadn’t come through seconds later, God only knows how nasty this would have gotten:

Even the “peaceful” protests didn’t sound so peaceful:

The most genteel clip circulating this morning is dudes doing donuts with a giant Palestinian flag right in front of the Washington Square arch:

It’s not just New York City, of course. The UK reportedly saw a 250 percent surge in anti-semitic incidents in the first few days after the latest fighting between Israel and Hamas began. A lowlight:

In L.A. a few nights ago, a “caravan” of people waving Palestinian flags drove past a sushi restaurant located near several synagogues and Jewish schools. They started throwing bottles at the people dining outside and hopped out to attack them:

The mayor of L.A. says it’s being investigated as an anti-semitic hate crime.

We’re still months away from the Supreme Court ruling on whether the Second Amendment confers a constitutional right to carry concealed but when it comes it won’t be a moment too soon. Two points to ponder in the meantime. One, as Yair Rosenberg says, every anti-semitic crime committed here or abroad by Israel’s critics ironically strengthens the case for Zionism. The less safe Jews are elsewhere, the more urgent the case for having a national safe haven becomes. Two, per Zachary Faria, how are we to square Ilhan Omar’s logic for being cautious in criticizing China with her own scathing rhetoric about Israel?

In pushing for a softer U.S. posture toward China, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar said, “We need to distinguish between justified criticisms of the Chinese government’s human rights record and a Cold War mentality that uses China as a scapegoat for our own domestic problems and demonizes Chinese Americans.”

Harsh criticism that “scapegoats” China is irresponsible because it risks inspiring hate crimes against Asian-Americans. But harsh criticism of Israel is acceptable because … it doesn’t risk inspiring hate crimes against Jews? Obviously that’s not the case. If Omar doesn’t need to temper her criticism of Israel for the sake of protecting Jewish Americans, why should China hawks restrain themselves in their criticism of Beijing, a gross human-rights violator engaged in actual genocide in Xinjiang, for fear of what crazies might do to Asian-Americans?

“It turns out, if you ignore all evidence, turn Israel into the villain in your morality play, and insist that Americans have a ‘responsibility’ to do something about Israel, the thing that they will do is beat up American Jews, throw rocks through the windows of American synagogues, and harass Jews who try to speak up on social media,” writes Seffi Kogen today, singling out another Squad member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for her silence about what’s happening in her hometown. If you’re going to accuse Israel of being an apartheid state and smear the IDF for “targeting” hospitals and schools, go figure that some people might feel inspired to take direct action against the enemy. The left has never had difficulty finding incitement to violence in right-wing rhetoric, but In the case of Israel, they can’t smell their own sh*t.

David Strom 6:41 PM on September 26, 2022