Great moments in progressive liberty: Antifa blocks, intimidates elderly couple in sidewalk

There are bad optics, and there’s this from Andy Ngo, the intrepid reporter on the Antifa beat. (Beat in this case being a bit too literal at times.) When an elderly couple used a walker to cross the street in order to attend a conservative event at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada, the masked goons of Antifa immediately responded to the threat. Intimidating octogenarians by impeding their access and shouting “NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS” in their faces is totes honorable, right?

How brave! I especially liked the “DON’T F*****G TOUCH ME!” from the courageous sidewalk blockers screamed into the face of an old man who just wanted to get to the other side of the street. After all, this elderly couple clearly represented such an acute and imminent threat to the safety of the community that it required the assembly of [checks notes] goons in masks who don’t have the gastric fortitude to show their faces in public.

Anyway, while every Antifa action is a clown-show-cum-domestic-terrorism exercise to some extent, this one deserves special attention. When you’re so enraptured in your own status as a social-justice warrior martyr that you can’t strategize about the optics of your actions, this is what you get — an elderly couple getting terrorized on camera by progressives in the street. Great job, everyone!

Anyway, Ngo has a little longer video showing more of the lowlights from this Antifa protest. Had it not been for the octogenarian harassment that Ngo caught on camera, this might have been a more typical Antifa event — full of threats and intimidation, followed by massive claims of victimhood when the least of consequences followed. Four people were arrested, but none charged, apparently.