Mary Landrieu: Oh, you bet I'd support Harry Reid for Majority Leader again

I’ll say this for Mary Landrieu: She doesn’t go the lame dodge route here, which is at least a more honorable approach than several of her Democratic comrades’ Obamacare evasions.  But still, woof.  Via the WFB:

MSNBC: But you won’t say one way or the other whether you will back Harry Reid?

LANDRIEU: Well, if he runs [for leader], I will.

Of course she will (if given the chance), just as Nunn, Grimes and Tennant would all have lined up and saluted on Obamacare back in 2009 and 2010.  Why bother pretending otherwise?  Landrieu is a dyed-in-the-wool partisan, having supported President Obama’s agenda 97 percent of the time, according to a 2013 CQ analysis — especially when her vote counted the most:

A recent poll showed Obama’s negatives in Louisiana pushing the two-thirds mark, with Obamacare deeeeep underwater (31/63) in the state.  Landrieu promised voters in 2009 that she’d be “100 percent” accountable for Obamacare’s success or failure.  Fast forward to 2014, and her first television ad sought to distance herself from the law’s troubles.  She not only cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, she’s dutifully opposed Republican efforts to repeal and delay the law, including a 2010 push to add teeth to Democrats’ false “keep your plan” promise.  Landrieu blithely went along with that lie of the year, actively shot down GOP attempts to rectify the entirely predictable betrayal, and has since been pretending that she’s outraged and working for solutions.  On second thought, scratch what I said about honor earlier.  Landrieu’s answer on Reid tells Louisianans everything they need to know: When push comes to shove, she’s got Democrat elites’ back. Even if it means once again supporting a shabby smear artist for Majority Leader — and even after he conspicuously shivved her on the Keystone Pipeline.  Has Landrieu mentioned that she’s “standing up” to the White House by supporting the pipeline project within the last five minutes?  She’s such a staunch, independent and invaluable voice that she can’t even persuade her own party’s leadership to allow a vote on her pet project, and she’s already pledged her unwavering loyalty to the man who personally shot her down.  I’ll leave you with word of fresh trouble for one of Landrieu’s embattled colleagues:

Hagan — who’s literally fled Obamacare questions while running false ads against her Republican rival questioning his opposition to the law — was one of the Democrats to finally cut and run from Sec. Shinseki last night.