OFA ad: "Enough already" with the ObamaCare opposition, silly Republicans

President Obama’s campaign-turned-“advocacy” arm Organizing for Action has apparently been busying itself this summer with organizing poorly attended rallies concerning such political duds as climate change and gun control, but their most mainstream effort has gone toward helping the Obama administration with the oncoming “soft launch” of the Affordable Care Act by spreading the news about how totally awesome the whole thing is. They’ve already run a series of pro-ObamaCare commercials this summer as part of a seven-figure ad buy, but this latest ad out today pivots slightly to the current budget battle and attempts to rip Republicans for even thinking of involving ObamaCare as part of the fight:

Forty times. That’s how often a group of Republicans have voted against Obamacare just to prove their allegiance to their party’s right wing. Okay, they’ve said their piece. But now they’ve gone even further, threatening to shut down the government if ObamaCare isn’t dismantled. It could disrupt Social Security and veterans’ benefits, hurt job growth and undermine our economic recovery. Tell these House Republicans: Enough already.

Hurt job growth and undermine our economic recovery? Hey, you know what else is hurting job growth and undermining our economic recovery much more than anyone’s opposition to ObamaCare? ObamaCare. There is a direct correlation between the endless stream of regulations and wasteful spending coming out of this administration and our pathetically low labor force participation rate and weak economic growth. ObamaCare has caused employers across the country to cut jobs, hours, and benefits before it’s even out of the gate, and the law is still terrifically unpopular with only 12 percent of Americans convinced that it will have a positive impact on their families — but it’s leaving no stone unturned in trying to stop or delay the law that’s the real root of the problem here. Riiight.

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