Hot Air's top 50 posts in 2014: 41-50

Today we’ll start our traditional look back at the year at Hot Air by revisiting the fifty most-read posts of 2014. We have quite a collection for this year, too — plenty of election material, but lots of other topics as well. We even have a Die Hard Christmas villain tie-in with a couple of Gruber posts. Hobby Lobby, ISIS, the NBA, ObamaCare, Mitt Romney and other 2016 contenders all make appearances in the list. One interesting note: for the first time since I started collating these, no QOTD posts landed in the top 50 (I filtered them out of previous lists). In 2014, the topical news reigned, although a few open threads did make it onto the lists.

Today, let’s take a look at 41-50. We’ll hit the rest tomorrow, and then take a break on Sunday and return on Monday, finishing up on New Years Eve. We’ve got parade floats, Jonathan Gruber, and the Bill Maher-Ben Affleck showdown on Islam:

Well, I got locked out of the first set of posts (and so did Jazz Shaw), but that’s because we have such a great staff here at Hot Air. We’ll make it up down the road. I do have an honorable mention coming in at #51, though — A few more thoughts on GamerGate, which only missed the cut by 33 page views.

Tomorrow we’ll have a great list that includes a concealed-carry defense moment, a CNN anchor getting blasted for bias, Mitt Romney’s grandson, and much more. Stay tuned!