Video: Scozzafava accepts Margaret Sanger Award

How much of a “Reagan Republican” is Dede Scozzafava, running as the endorsed Republican candidate in the NY23 special Congressional election? Maybe Newt Gingrich should have done a little more research before jumping into this race with both feet — or better yet, that’s what the county GOP officials who put their heads together to come up with Scozzafava in the first place should have done. It’s one thing to be pro-choice out of a sense of libertarianism, but another entirely to be a Margaret Sanger acolyte … and March 2008 award winner:

As Kathryn Jean Lopez says, Congress hardly needs another Sanger fan. After the Mona Lisa Project exposed so many of these Planned Parenthood offices as lawbreakers and exploiters of potentially abused young girls for profit, this connection should have been a red flag to the GOP.

Update: This got covered by Michelle last week, and by Madison Conservative in our Green Room.