Alan Colmes should read for comprehension

Normally, I’d ignore most of what Alan Colmes has to say, because when he’s not appointing himself the arbiter of proper motherhood, he’s rewriting history.  However, his post at Liberaland today isn’t so much offensive to Allahpundit and me as it is revealing of Colmes’ lack of intellectual heft.  Take a look at this laugher, emphasis mine:

The idea that you can’t question Sarah Palin’s judgment because she has a Down Syndrome baby is right up there with the outrage some feel the minute you question a man who was held in a prison camp for five years.  Yet, the same outraged protectors of our values have no trouble questioning Obama’s judgment: a nodding acquaintance with someone in his neighborhood, his choice of a church, his very faith, and then they blamed that on the Clintons). The question was even raised as to  whether he is hiding the truth of his birth certificate.   In fact,, the the site most outraged about what I posted, was one of the prime venues of the birth certificate debate, among others concerning Obama’s “judgment”. And let’s not forget the attacks on Michelle Obama and the insinuations that she doesn’t really love her country.

Not only were we almost totally disinterested in the birth certificate debate, what little AP and I wrote about it debunked the meme.  I’ll save you the search of our archives that “journalist” Alan Colmes neglected and give a list of our posts:

So we wrote four whole posts in more than two months on this topic, all of them after the Obama campaign released the birth certificate, and every single time to say that this was a really dumb topic and that conservatives should abandon it.  It would have taken Colmes all of ten minutes to check this out before writing his post, but he’s too busy concocting smears to bother with minor tasks like fact-checking.

I used to respect Colmes.  No longer.

Update (AP): I know Ed’s written other posts debunking lies about Obama, but here’s a few more of my own: Defending him from McCain’s accusation that he didn’t visit the troops at Landstuhl because he couldn’t bring the media; defending him from allegations that he secretly leaked the prayer he left at the western wall; defending him from the dopey rumors about dual citizenship; and even defending him from pedestrian inaccuracies about his tax plan. But none of that fits the Narrative about a nonstop smear orgy against The One at conservative websites, so lay them aside and rock on, Alan.

Update (Ed): And just to address Colmes’ other point, yes we do focus on Barack Obama’s judgment.  Who made that a campaign issue — indeed, even the main basis for his campaign?  Three guesses.