Runaround Hsu plea deal?

For purely Machiavellian reasons, I want this case to stay alive and active until at least next summer. It could be the torpedo that sinks the SS Hillary.

Disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu’s effort to have his grand theft case from the early 1990s thrown out was delayed today at his attorneys’ request.

Defense attorney James Brosnahan did not say why he had sought the delay after meeting with the prosecutor and a San Mateo County Superior Court judge.

Attorneys on both sides deflected questions about whether they were negotiating a plea that would cover both Hsu’s San Mateo County case and criminal charges filed in federal court in New York in September.

“There’s more to be done. That’s all,” Brosnahan said as he left a Redwood City courtroom.

His next hearing is Jan 4, just in time for the primaries.

Unmentioned in the story, Hsu’s copious connections to the Clinton campaign and its financial shenanigans. No story is complete without them.

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