The eagerly-awaited sequel to the “Citizen Kane” of Al Gore sex animations. The bad news? Thanks to a graphic rendering of the alleged evidence, this one’s firmly in the NC-17 category. Make sure the kids are out of the room while you watch or you may have to answer the question, “What’s that on her pants, mommy?” The good news? So familiar is the accuser’s story by now that you can follow this all the way through, despite the language barrier and introduction of new characters, without the slightest bit of difficulty. Come for the Clinton/Lewinsky flashback, stay for the scene where one of the accuser’s hippie-caricature friends tells her to take one for the team by keeping quiet. (Viva feminism!)

I think Time’s right that having Portland police reopen the case is good news for the Goracle. Assuming he’s innocent, that’s the only way this story will go away — unless, of course, the Enquirer comes back with DNA test results on those pants. Hmmm. Exit question: Wouldn’t this be the best “Sims” expansion pack ever?