Great news from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: We've turned this economy around

The horrendous economic indicators of late have had me worried about a double-dip, but after this Reality-Based newsflash from DWS, I feel much better. To think, some people call her Debbie Downer; why, she’s practically bursting with optimism and good vibes. May I suggest a campaign slogan for her and the rest of the DNC?

“Obama 2012: You’re Welcome, America.”

By the same logic, I guess, Anthony Weiner’s little nob-tweeting habit has “turned his mayoral campaign around.” There’s a second clip included below of Wasserman-Schultz and Priebus chatting about him this morning too, just so that you can watch DWS squirm when asked by Gregory why she was so quick to dismiss the scandal as a “personal matter” after Weiner’s initial, utterly preposterous explanation. An idle thought: Some liberals (but not Debbie) are still willing to defend Weiner on account of the fact that he fights hard for the progressive agenda. How exactly is he fighting for their agenda, though, by singlehandedly derailing their “Republicans want to kill grandma” Medicare messaging push in the media? He’s killing their agenda. If he cared more about The Cause than about impressing women with his congressional cachet, he would have fallen on his sword a week ago. Instead, he’s prepared to let the Democrats bleed for months if need be as the media digs up one new sleazy revelation after another. What a selfless warrior he is.

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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