Ahmadinejad's speech to UN: Hey, maybe 9/11 was an inside job

Via Mediaite, you’ll see in the clip how the U.S. delegation reacted to the “news.” A hint: It’s the same way they’ve reacted to all of his UN speeches. I didn’t watch today’s tirade but I’ve seen enough of him over the last few years to guess at the particulars. Safe bets: (1) Our nuclear program is entirely peaceful and we’ve complied with every demand made of us (they haven’t); (2) Iran stands for peace and brotherhood and puppies when it isn’t busy caving in the skulls of Green Revolution protesters gathered on the streets; (3) the world is on the brink of a new golden age of international harmony but America and Israel, a.k.a. the “real terrorists,” are standing in the way; (4) the UN needs to expand the permanent membership of the Security Council so that Iran isn’t forever “bullied” or whatever; and (5) capitalism is bad, which he tosses in there as a naked pander to the degenerate autocrats in the third world like Chavez and Mugabe who support him against the U.S. If anyone sees a transcript later, read through and let me know how I scored.

Today’s journey into Trutherism is new, though, I think. To be sure, he’s been pushing conspiracy theories about 9/11 (and not just 9/11) in interviews for years as a modern-day complement to his Holocaust denial, but as far as I know this is the first time he’s broached the subject from the podium at the UN. I wonder why. Could be that he’s worried about Sunni support for an Israeli attack on Iran’s enrichment facilities and is using this to stir up a little support on the Arab street. Or, given all the lip service he’s been paying lately to Iran’s supposed willingness to negotiate about its nuke program, maybe this is his way of ensuring that Obama doesn’t take him up on his phony offer. Once this clip gets played a few times on the news tonight, it’ll be too politically toxic for The One.

Here’s the obligatory statement from a U.S. diplomat ripping him for what he said. Exit question: Ahmadinejad to be interviewed tomorrow by … Shep Smith? What could go wrong?