Video: Useful idiot makes himself useful to Hamas

No surprise. He’s been making himself useful to them for years, from accusing Israel of apartheid to lying about the history of U.S. policy towards Hamas to insisting on national television that the group can be trusted to literally embracing their scumbag leadership and finally to blithely asserting here that Hamas’s leaders “want peace,” based on what evidence I can scarcely imagine. I wish he’d have elaborated on his point about the F-16s, though. I’m curious to know whether he thinks the solution there is to stop selling arms to Israel or to start selling arms to Hamas.

Oh, and he also wants them taken off the State Department’s terror list, naturally. Proof positive that no matter how willing Obama is to shake Iran’s bloody hand, there are still lines he won’t cross that Jimbo’s only too happy to sail over. Kudos to the cameraman, by the way, for keeping the shifty-looking Hamas “minder” in frame for the duration, thereby further undermining Carter’s credibility.