Change of plans: Palin to campaign with McCain for several more weeks

Uh oh, it’s “magic.”

The aide said the two have developed a strong chemistry together and will likely utilize it through joint rallies. He likened it to the chemistry Bill Clinton and Al Gore had in 1992, suggesting it was instinctive.

“Sometimes these vice presidential selections, the pairings, work in a magical way,” the aide told reporters on the Palin campaign plane, on condition of anonymity. The plane is en route to Fairbanks, AK, where Palin will see her eldest son off to military service.

The aide said there has been increased enthusiasm for the campaign as well, and the pair has been able to connect on energy and economic issues, as well as change. “And we like the images,” he said.

I can see why they like them, which is not say they should be excused for such a lame effort in publicizing the size of today’s rally. Why didn’t they record the first half hour and put it on YouTube for people to circulate? Two minutes of crowd reactions alone would be valuable as a way of hyping Palinmania while she’s off the trail for a few days dealing with Charlie Gibson.

The AP thinks this is actually a sly means of controlling media access to her, even as they note that she’ll be with campaign staff constantly during the trip. Exit question: As much as we all enjoy the thought of her and Maverick having fun on the trail together, isn’t this … kind of stupid? They’re still behind in key swing states and can cover twice as much ground campaigning apart. The cheers will be louder if she’s with him, but he’s solid as can be with Republicans right now per that Fox News poll earlier today. What’s the strategic value of this, aside from building buzz that’s already pretty much been built?

Update: Speaking of magical duos