Video: Mother weeps over family murdered by illegal alien gang member

Her husband? Dead. Two sons? Dead. The suspect? Convicted of two felonies as a juvenile and accused earlier this year of gang membership and weapons possession (the case was never prosecuted), with ICE blissfully unaware thanks to San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy. There’s nothing else I can say to prepare you for it so I won’t try. Except this: The next time you see our pal Spitty or one of his amnesty fellow travelers sniffing at the barest attempts to deport criminal illegal aliens, remember that this is the price he’s willing to pay in the interests of racial solidarity. And any who disagree with him henceforth shall be known as “Uncle Toms.”

Read Cinnamon Stillwell’s piece in the Chronicle for background, replete with procedural context. No wonder Newsom hasn’t contacted Mrs. Bologna; how could he ever look her in the eye? Your quote of the day: “Federal agents told the Chronicle that they were told about Ramos when he was arrested as an adult but did not hold him for deportation proceedings. They can’t explain why.” Click the image to watch.