Novak rumor: Romney heads McCain's shortlist for VP?

How many posts have we done on this subject now? Let’s see: One, two, three off the top of my head, then another with a little Coulter spice mixed in, and then of course this joint effort between me and Ed provoking a 400-comment battle royal in the thread. Ed (like Karl Rove) thinks it’s a fine idea; I’m cooler to it, although admittedly the bigger the economy gets as an issue the more attractive Romney’s biography becomes as a selling point.

# Will McCain name a vice presidential candidate in mid-July to step up fund-raising before the national convention, or will he wait until Democrats make their choice in late August? A rumor running through the political community now puts former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the lead for VP. But Romney has many critics in the McCain inner circle, and we don’t think the decision has been made.

He won’t deliver any states for McCain and the fact that Maverick’s accepting public financing for the general limits his potential fundraising efforts to the next four months — although, of course, he could raise money for the ticket even if he isn’t on it (albeit certainly not as much). Exit question: If it’s economic expertise you want on the ticket, why not Chris Cox? He lacks Romney’s not-very-high high profile, but he also lacks his baggage among social cons. As you mull, consider this data from the Fox News poll this afternoon. The numbers among independents are encouraging; can we see them with other candidates (Crist, Ridge, Jindal, Sanford)?