As predicted: Olby's show falsely claims McHenry smeared the troops

Maguire beats me to the punch, but only one man called it in the air last night. Money:

Update: Fearless prediction at 7:47, thirteen minutes before “Countdown” airs on MSNBC: McHenry will be the “worst person in the world” tonight and the lie that he was referring to a soldier will be gleefully repeated.

Turns out he wasn’t worst person, just worst Bush-related person. “What’s next, AP? Predicting that Hillary will tell a lie on the campaign trail this week?” Fair enough. The point to take away is that the “Countdown” team almost surely had heard McHenry’s side of the story by airtime and simply decided not to mention it: Goldfarb was pushing it at the Standard by 2:30 p.m., more than five hours before the show went live, and Think Progress, from whom the Olbyites likely lifted this item, included an update linking to the Standard post sometime during the afternoon. To believe that this is a mistake instead of a patented shameless “Countdown” lie, you have to believe that the show’s researchers are incompetent beyond the point of negligence and well into recklessness territory. Is that plausible on a major network like MSNBC? Yeah, actually. Extremely plausible.

Exit question quotation: “Congressman, you feel a little apology coming on?” Do you, Maddow? Or is Olby going to have to eat crow this time like he did last time, by apologizing perfunctorily and then attacking his victim from 20 different angles just to make sure the wingnuts don’t think they won one?