Video: Geraldo says he won't shake Lou Dobbs's hand

We’ve reached the point of diminishing returns with this tool, have we not? These segments are paint-by-numbers by now: Nativists, talk radio, “people who look like me,” climate of fear, those poor folk who haven’t done anything wrong except violate U.S. immigration law repeatedly, etc etc. I’m giving you this just because it’s always noteworthy when Spitty expresses his disgust towards a border enforcer in physical terms. Dobbs gets off easy, with nothing but the foregone handshake. Others … aren’t so lucky. Savor the irony at the very end as Hasselbeck quotes him worrying about people wanting to assault him.

I excised the part where he reiterates, for the thousandth time, his theory that Mitt Romney isn’t the Republican nominee because his immigration position alienated Cubans in Florida, notwithstanding the fact that McCain had beaten Romney in New Hampshire and South Carolina already by that point.

To cleanse the palate, here’s another fan of Michelle’s being politely informed that Gloria Steinem’s comments about McCain were “evil.”

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