Wow: Hillary already touting Matthews's "name one accomplishment" clip from the stump

Yeah, that clip. It aired last night at 11, went viral two hours ago, and the Glacier’s rapid response team already has it front and center at the podium to maximize exposure. Mmmmm, that’s good war-rooming.

Exit question one: How come she’s never mentioned Sean Hannity’s repeated attacks on Obama in this same vein? Is the taint of Fox News so foul that she’d prefer to highlight the guy who attributed her political career to the fact that Billy Jeff diddled Monica? Exit question two: Does she really want to use Chris Matthews as an exemplar of tough anti-Obama scrutiny? This is a man who has physiological reactions to the Messiah’s speeches. Stand by for the inevitable highlight reel of Chrissy emoting over “hope” and “change” from Team Barry.