McCain: I respect your racist, nativist position on immigration

The speech went over well enough that it wouldn’t be fair to focus on the one tense moment so I’ve tacked on the stirring conclusion at the end as a tonic to the atomic pander you’re about to watch. “I respect your opposition for I know that the vast majority of critics to the bill based their opposition in a principled defense of the rule of law,” sayeth the Maverick. This, after once having called a proposal to cap his guest-worker plan at a mere 650,000 un-American and having compared guest workers’ tax treatment to Jim Crow. His chief crony’s sickening demagoguery in front of La Raza has been revisited enough times that we don’t need to rehash it, but let it be noted once again as part of the record. Today’s ass-kissing was a good start but it’ll take a few more speeches like these before we’re even at the let’s-pretend stage of believing he respects the anti-amnesty position.